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Networld opkg Repositories

Repositories available

MokSec Mainpage

On the following page(s) you find the opkg repositories which are founded by the Networld master project. Please navigate throught the page under the "Index of X" section.
  1. moksec
    Version available: testing
    Architecture: armv4t
    Description: Security framework for OpenMoko live devices (for example for the Neo 1973 and Freerunner).
    Website: Click! (source code)

  2. networld-ported
    Version available: -
    Architecture: armv4t
    Description: All packages which we have created from third part software.
    Website: Click!


To add the repositories to your opkg configurtion files use one (or more) of the following commands at the command line:

echo "src/gz moksec-testing" > /etc/opkg/moksec-testing.conf
echo "src/gz networld-ported" > /etc/opkg/networld-ported.conf